Africaneurs Inc. 
Africaneurs Inc. was founded on January 5, 2016, with the goal of helping entrepreneurs succeed at what they love to do. We are especially interested in the business of African entrepreneurs and we take great steps to help our followers attain their goals. Africaneurs is a platform for African Entrepreneurs to build their skills, expand their networks and grow their businesses. Africaneurs is an organization that encourages citizens of Africa to contribute to the development of a new Africa. Through our engaging online contents and event, we hope to become the number one destination for African Entrepreneurs.  In the first year of business, much of what our company did was on social media platforms. Upon our company’s incorporation in December of 2016, we have worked even harder to make dreams a reality for many entrepreneurs.

Africaneurs’ Social Media Presence
Social media is where we got started. Our first active account was through Instagram, where we shared inspirational quotes, success stories and pictures. As the months passed, more and more people responded to the posts from Africaneurs and this spurred our founder Kalaria Ejindu to take her idea and make it grow. Instead of simply inspiring entrepreneurs of the African community, she was going to give them the knowledge to act on their dreams.
Even as the business has grown, social media is still a large part of their platform. Africaneurs shares inspirational quotes and success stories from their customers, to boost the confidence of potential clients who want assurance that their tactics work. Additionally, we share information on the workings of business and techniques to help entrepreneurs grow through weekly blogs on our various social media platform and website.
How Africaneurs Inc. Directly Helps Entrepreneurs
Africaneurs as an organization, provides services that help entrepreneurs grow their business from start-up to a level of sucess. These services includes coaching for start-up businesses on how to advance their businesses, assistance with branding of a company, and hosting power packed events that empower african entrepreneurs across the continent. Africaneurs host networking events that connects businesses owners to different entrepreneurs and investors. Skill-developing events are another way that Africaneurs help entrepreneurs.
Africaneurs also purchases African-made goods. These are then sold on the Africaneurs website, serving two purposes. First, any profit made is allocated to the growth of entrepreneurs that have reached out. Second, the person/company that has created the good receives free publicity. 
How You Can Become Part of the Bigger Picture
There are three ways to support Africaneurs as we strive to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses and challange one another to contribute to the development of a new Africa. The most obvious way is to get involved. You too can help grow the small businesses of your community, by offering your support and becoming a paying customer. You can also make a difference by donating. Africaneurs accepts donations, using them to fund the growth of businesses in the African community.
Finally, you can become part of the bigger picture by volunteering at Africaneurs.
Entrepreneurs who use Africaneurs can have a stress-free program to help them expand. The founder has been given the opportunity to meet great minds and work with other entrepreneurs all over the world and she will help others connect as well. Africaneurs Inc. aims to use their talents and obtained skills to further help fellow entrepreneurs and make small business grow. At Africaneurs Inc. we teach followers how their small business can make an impact and provide them with the tools to do so.